Our Services

At Windmark, we help individuals and organizations to clarify their values, align them with their strengths, develop strategies and realize goals which are ambitious, specific and meaningful.  The services described below are often combined, depending on the goals and circumstances of the engagement.


Executive Coaching

Coaching has grown in value and importance to Individuals and organizations because it is a highly customized learning process, conducted in real time to achieve real results. In our work together, we will establish a contract for the work to be accomplished and clarify our roles and responsibilities as coach and client. We engage in a process of discovery and dialogue to understand the conditions, strengths and challenges of the situation. The regular, scheduled coaching process allows us to minimize distractions and focus on your goals. A wide variety of tools may be employed from the behavioral and social sciences, including individual and multirater (“360”) assessments, strategy and scenario development, skill building and rehearsal, etc. A safe and confidential environment is maintained throughout the coaching process.



Leadership Development

Leadership is necessary at all levels in a healthy organization and enables the individual and the organization to capitalize on strengths and adapt to changing conditions. Our capacity for authentic leadership begins with our core values and is expressed through our strengths and competencies. Our highly customized approach to leadership development can be adapted to any requirements, including project leadership, promotion to a new role, or developing high potential employees through strategic action learning projects.                        


Team Development

Most organizations celebrate the idea of teams, but make few or no distinctions between workgroups and teams. A team can be powerful, but is a tool for specific purposes. Teams don’t need charismatic leaders, but they do need specific conditions to be successful. We can help to create and maintain these conditions.



Conflict Skills Development

Conflict is a natural and normal element of human relations, yet most of us avoid it and view it in a highly negative light.  No doubt our experiences and cultural models contribute to our negative associations around conflict. Managers report that negative conflict occupies a major portion of their time.

It’s time to look again at conflict and learn to realize its creative power. Using the Conflict Dynamics Profile, an assessment developed at the Center for Conflict Dynamics, we can identify patterns of conflict behavior and develop new and constructive responses. Conflict competent individuals and teams are more productive and become stronger over time. More information about the Conflict Dynamics Profile is at http://www.conflictdynamics.org/



Career Management and Transition Consulting

In the dominant American culture, work occupies a paramount role in our lives and identities. We meet many needs through the vehicle of work and, when we are misaligned with our work, or when it goes away - an increasingly frequent occurrence - we can suffer greatly. The ‘world of work’ has changed dramatically in recent years. Many of the boxes called ‘jobs’ that work used to be packaged in are going away - but work remains. Few of us can expect that work will look like it did for many of our parents in their generation - long periods of relatively stable employment and the ‘loyalty/security’ contract we’ve heard of but seldom see today.

Windmark career and transition management provides important tools, structure and support to achieve better work/talent/values alignment in your current job and support and strategy to successfully navigate transitions.



Retirement Transition

Retirement is an inadequate word to describe the transitions that many in the Baby Boom are making. No longer a gold watch, daily golf or cocktails at 5:00, the transition to this ‘third phase’ of life is a rebalancing of roles, and work, learning, recreation and service. Utilizing the Retirement Success Profile and coaching, we can examine the fifteen factors for retirement success, identifying areas of strength and needed focus for a life stage that may stretch into decades.