"Russ Taylor has been a trusted advisor at key times in my career. He has a special talent for listening; understanding and helping clients see and act on possibilities. Russ is a great strategic thinker genuinely committed to helping people succeed in their careers and lives; I have recommended him with enthusiasm to others."

Joanne Harrell

"I have had the pleasure of working with Russ over many years in his roles as a coach and consultant to senior clients and as manager of DBM's regional office in Bellevue. He is committed to clients, strategic and highly creative in his approach. I value his contributions to our organization highly."

John Beck, SVP, Lee Hecht Harrison

"Russ Taylor has a unique and powerful ability to get the most out of people, both individuals and teams. He'll challenge you. He'll get you to look at things in new ways. He has an easy-going, collegial style but he is also in tune with the hard-nosed realities of business and competition. Simply put, you or your team will discover a better path to your objectives, maybe even new objectives. Russ will help you get there, but you will do it."

Stan Shull, VP Strategic Alliances at Apptio

"Russ Taylor was an advisor to me during a particularly stressful period when I was making a career change. His wonderful ability to ‘see the big picture,' his wise counsel, and his genuine interest in helping me contributed directly to my successful job hunt. I continue to make use of the networking skills he taught me. I have recommended him to my colleagues on numerous occasions."

Frederick E. Tilton, M.D. - former Medical Director, The Boeing Company

"(Russ's) ability to facilitate small and large groups addressing potentially volatile issues was outstanding. Every interaction I have with him confirms he is a professional who builds on individual and group strengths, stays current in his practice and s a fine person."

Charlene Shambach, Director Community Health, Snohomish Health District